Is This a Methamphetamine Lab in the Neighbor’s yard?

Meth (methamphetamine) is so powerful that it is almost instantly addicting. Each methamphetamine hit damages several critical receptors in the brain, rendering users incapable of feeling the sensation of pleasure without the aid of this substance. Treatment for meth addiction begins with detox, followed by extensive therapy with a professional. Research shows that meth is one of the most devastating drugs on the market, it hijacks the system and pushes the brain to secrete more dopamine than is normal and healthy, leading to various signs of meth addiction such as physical and mental break down, hyperactivity, nausea, increased aggressiveness, insomnia, hallucinations, and confusion.


Main Indicators

The equipment and process used for the production of meth can help reveal the existence of a meth lab. Many of these equipment are normal household products, but when gathered together in an unusual amount, it could indicate meth production activity.

There are a few ways or tell-tale signs in which a meth lab can be identified; this includes:

●    A strong chemical odor. This can smell like urine, rotten egg stink, sweet ether smell, ammonia.  

●    Propane tanks with the fitting turned blue, an unusual amount of cold medications containing pseudoephedrine or ephedrine.

●    Frying pans or glass cookware containing some powdery residue, bottles with attached rubber tubing and coffee filters with white pasty substance.

Signs Of a Meth Lab From The Outside

If there is a meth lab concealed inside a building, various indications can be observed from the outside.

●    Production of meth creates toxic fumes and strong odors. Hence, producers tend to ventilate more, be it by the opening of windows or installations of fans and blowers, which makes the smell detectable outside the building.

●    Extensive security measures are set up, some which can be seen from the outside, such as security cameras, no trespassing signs and in some cases guard dogs.

●    Meth makers produce a great deal of trash and also, dump toxic chemical waste on the outside, leaving dead spots on the grass.

The Behavioral Signs

The behavioral pattern of occupants of a house or building with or without a methamphetamine addiction can give you clues or insight into the illegal activities going on inside.

Occupants of the building containing meth labs:

●    Exhibit paranoid behavior.

●    Smoke Outside to avoid an explosion.

●    Have frequent visitors at night.

●    Stay inside for extended periods.

●    Take their garbage to another location.

Steps to Take if You Find a Meth Lab

●    It is important not to smoke or eat anything near a suspected meth lab to avoid poisoning or explosions.

●    Do not touch anything near the suspected area and do not sniff any containers of any sort.

●    Do not turn any electrical appliances or light switches on or off in the suspected lab or move any containers with chemicals in them.

●    Do not attempt to clean a meth lab; it is a dangerous process and should be done by the professionals.

●    if you come in contact with a meth lab, you should decontaminate yourself and clothing as soon as possible and call your local authorities.