ValarieStruggling with close to a decade of hopeless addiction to Methamphetamine amongst other drugs, I ended up having an overdose.

That could have been the end of my story – were it not for Timmy, the pizza delivery guy who called 911 after finding my door wide open.

Truly, not all heroes wear capes: I still call Timmy to date to thank him for saving my life. After several resuscitation attempts and eventual recovery, I remember the doctors referred to me as the ‘miracle man.’

For a moment there, I had been pronounced clinically dead, but somehow, I regained consciousness that very second. Following a life after death experience where I experienced misery, I woke up in the hospital weeks later, and I was changed forever, both emotionally and physically.

Welcome to my story: “Clashing with the ‘Dragon.’” Here, you will see the gradual, excruciating transformation of a handsome college sports person into a brutal, drug-dealer, psychotic abusive husband who even terrified his kids.

Here, you’ll read all about my experience, as I relive my old habits in words and how I made the resolution to turn over a new leaf.

Currently thirty-eight, I am sober, and I’m trying to keep on bettering myself in this second chance.

For three years now, I’ve been passing my message about the dangers of Methamphetamine and other abused substances to schools, anti-drug organizations, churches, and prisons across the country as a full-time substance abuse counselor.

By living through the misery of my life and my short-lived preview of hell, I hope you too will get the confidence to follow through with your recuperation or help a friend dealing with fire-breathing ‘dragons.’